People wanted a way to donate directly that do not have PAYPAL, so this is the easiest for me to set this up.


- the threshold is set to $25, and you should be able to keep increasing the quantity to which you want to donate. 

- Right now we litterly spend all of our own money from the business and quite a bit of personal money

- You are purchasing a funny digital picture (,JPG) wearing both face shield and mask frame of me for $25, enjoy it!

- I am not making any promise on how/where/when the $ is spend as resources are shifting by the hour, I can tell you the money will be wisly spent and the recipiants of our good work apprecieat it!

- The purchase of the funny picture is non-refundable 

- The purchase of the funny picture does not guarentee that we ship you anything related to our engineering efforts, althoug we will try our best to meet the needs. Reason I put this here is materials are getting harder to find so I can't guarentee anything.

- Funny picture is sold as is

- we are allowing the Funny picture to be shared and digitally manupilated for humor.


Times are tough, I hope you value our efforts the Dr's and Nurse's sure do!


Chris Hopkins - Owner  

Donate and help


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