How long will the battery last and can the battery be changed??

- All Lure Light units are sealed for waterproofing and non-serviceable. We have a unique process making our products and being we are trying to put electronics into water it's really not easy!

Fresh water usage = ~ 90hrs * Measured as continuous use

Saltwater usage = ~ 50hrs * Measured as continuous use

The beads must be cleaned with fresh water then dried and stored properly in between use for best results.

Our beads shelf life is approx 1.5yr, batteries drain over time storing the units in cold cold condition below 35*F will cause the battery to drain quicker.

Please let us know if you have any issues, this is a new product and process.

Thanks and FISH ON!!

How do Lure Light products work?

These are designed with convience in mind, the water proof units when installed using the Lure Light base or independtly to lures or in-line on terminal gear activate once submerged under water and turn off when pulled out of the water. - The Units display different light wavelengths to work at depths and water conditions you are fishing in. - Smart Pulse Technology *Sends out small pulse that fish can feel in the ir latteral lines. - Easily slide on the fishing line up to 200lbs mono and peg with the provided toothpick - Engineered to be simple to use, place into the water and they turn on - Includes toothpick and a FREE decal

What fish are attracted to Lure Light products?

All predator fish including but not limited to: - Salmon -Chinook/CoHo/Chum/Pink/Steelhead/Trout - Bass - Cod/Ling Cod - Bottom Fish - Halibut/Rock Fish/Skates - Sport Fish - Marlin/Tuna/Wahoo/Cobia/Mahi Mahi/Snook - Shark - Muskie/Gar/Barracuda Plus a whole lot more species, basically if they eat other fish then YES those!

How do you use Lure Light?

Lure Light has proven to work in all water conditions, however its best in low light or night fishing or dirty water (high turbidity) conditions. Depending on the water column and conditions you are targeting the different LED choices will provide different results

How do I match the Lure Light LED color options to my targeted fishing depths?

Great question,

The answer varies on weather/water conditions, below is a chart to help match your presentation to targeted depths. This chart estimates the reflective color properties of Lure Light products in clear conditions. *Remember light is absorbed then reflected and underwater the turbidity of the water, top water waves and sunlight alter the wavelength energy of light penetrating the water.

General rules to fishing:

- PNW the reflective properties of your presentation is drastically reduced on a foggy, choppy and mid turbidity days on the water.

- Bikini fishin' off the Florida Keys "without storms" this cart may be most accurate.

**The below chart is for guidance and is not to be used as a hard rule

Maintenance Tips

Hi, First off thanks for supporting us these are the early steps that will allow us to develop more advanced fishing gear! Maintenance Tips: - Make sure to hand wash the beads in fresh water after every use - Store beads in a dry location, preferably in a dry bag with a nampkin of absorbent material. - The beads are very sensitive and will activate with local humidity in the air sometimes. Leaving these beads on the line overnight in damp or humid conditions will activate the beads. - We test each bead before we send them out however sometimes the batteries could be faulty, if you encounter a bead that is not working after you recieve it please reach out to us as soon as possible. Shelf life is approx 1.5 year, be sure to store in dry location in temperatures above 35*F FISH ON!!

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