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 " Chris was phenomenal to work with. He was very responsive to our needs

for minor design changes and was always prompt to respond with improved 

products. I am so grateful to Chris for supporting OHSU Tuality Healthcare with his design expertise."

    - Kevin M.

      Materials Manager - OHSU Tuality Healthcare

"Seeing community members like Chris step forward, ready to innovate in order

to protect our healthcare workers is truly remarkable."


    - Todd E. M.D.

      Medical Director OHSU Tuality Healthcare

"I am so appreciative of the collaboration from Chris on the anesthesia intubation 

boxes he collabrated with us making changes until we found a design that worked. 

His turnaround was quick and he was always open to suggestions." 

    - Lori L. MHA, MSN, RN,

      Perioperative Director OHSU Tuality Healthcare

Organizations we have worked with: 

  • OHSU/Tuality Hospitals

  • Legacy Hospitals

  • Providence Hospitals

  • St. Charles Hospitals

  • Portland VA Hospital

  • Intel Corporation

  • Multicraft Plastics

  • + MORE

Custom solutions with quick turnaround

We have worked with medical professionals all over the 

world to solve some complex problems for front line workers.